Wizwar100 is a video game reviewer. He is asian, he resides in Canada and has made video series of Resident Evil 4, House of the Dead, and has a series called random crap, where he does, well, random crap.

Armake21 is a big fan, and in one of his live shows on, he regarded him as one of his Top 5 video game reviewers ever, with Urinating Tree topping the list.

His original account was active in 2007, until October, where he made the silly mistake of losing his password and had to make another account known as LazyWorkCreations. He is still active to this day and even has a website, but due to the overload of game reviewers and let's players on youtube over time, his viewership has decayed drastically. It's a miracle that anyone even cares about his content anymore. Though his style was initially that of an angry reviewer, he has since mellowed out.

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