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2006 - Present
Official Profile

Urinatingtree, (pseudonym: "Darren McCloud") is one of the original, legendary Youtube video game reviewers, a position only shared by the Angry Video Game Nerd, Ebeeto, PlayitBogart and Armake21. If there was a hierarchy, he would be right below Ebeeto, even though Ebeeto was inspired by him. He has never once revealed his name or where he lives or even appeared on-screen in any of his reviews, however a few people know details such as his pseudonym and his rough location. Currently, Urinatingtree operates solely on the Dead Horse Interchange as a permanent partner.

Forum Activity Edit

Mid 2007, Urinatingtree opened his own forum, entitled The Fat Mann Forumeth. Initial activity was low, however, it attracted future OMGWTF?! administrator Mr Montmorency, before OMGWTF?! forums were founded. After establishing the skin and framework for the FMF, it became clear that the forum was unable to gain enough publicity to grow effectively. Regardless of changes made, it mostly became dead. Shortly thereafter, the OMGWTF?! forums were established, attracting the attention what was left of the FMF community. After an initial scuffle, the forums merged communities, with Urinatingtree becoming an administrator and Mr Montmorency shortly after, a global moderator. Eventually, FMF was deleted, which co-incided with Mr Montmorency's promotion to administrator.

"Epic" Return Edit


What can loosely be described as an epic return was on 30th December 2008, when he released a self hating video series entitled 'FAIL' under his 'DSchlasser' account. Immediately, viewers began to notice similarities to the wrist cutting reviewer of old, and they proceeded to accuse him of being an alternate account. Since you're reading this information in a subsection under the Urinatingtree article, you can be considered a dense moron only fit to drool all over yourself and masturbate sloppily if you even consider the previous sentence to be hearsay and gossip. I'll give you two minutes to finish laughing at the hilarious joke you've just read.

'DSchlasser' addressed the subject himself in a video entitled 'Re: Urinatingtree'. After continued use of juvinile bullying towards Urinatingtree, his voice cloak 'broke' and DSchlasser subsequently revealed himself to be Urinatingtree himself, which is why you're reading it here, dumbo.

As of 17th of January 2009, Urinatingtree is currently working on returning his old videos to their former, Ripoff 'glory'.

"Epic" Exit Edit

Around May/June 2010, he disappeared again. He left no message this time, so Monty had to clean up after him again, telling everyone that he was at DHI. Nobody really cares.

Videos Edit

Urinatingtree Edit


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The Worst Movie Ever Made 1
Illegal Immigration and You 2
Wiretapping and You 3
F-Zero SUX! 4
KiRonald's 5
Great Fables: Meat and Poultry 6
The Morgan Freeman Theory 7
The Kielbasi Prince 8
The Five-on-One Power Play 9
Gangster Nation Part 1-1 10
Gangster Nation Part 1-2 11
Gangster Nation Part 2-1 12
Gangster Nation Part 2-2 13
Gangster Nation Conclusion 14
The Fat Mann Judgeth - Back to the Future Part III 15
The Fat Mann Judgeth - NHL '98 16
Half-Assed Theatre/The Fat Mann Judgeth - Hook 16
Fun with Road Rash 16
The Fat Mann Judgeth - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 16
The Fat Mann Judgeth - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, The Revenge Part 1 16
The Fat Mann Judgeth - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, The Revenge Part 2 16
Half-Assed Theatre - Heroes of the Lance 16
The Fat Mann Judgeth - Michael Jackson's Moonwalker 16
The Fat Mann Judgeth - Taz-Mania 16
The Fat Mann Judgeth - Sonic 3D Blast 16
The Fat Mann Judgeth - Terminator 2: Judgment Day 16
Fun with Family Feud 16
The Fat Mann Judgeth - Batman Forever Part 1 16
The Fat Mann Judgeth - Batman Forever Part 2 16
The Fat Mann Judgeth - Superman Part 1 16
The Fat Mann Judgeth - Superman Part 2 16
Half-Assed Theatre - Ice Hockey 16
The Fat Mann Judgeth - Brett Hull Hockey '95 16
The Fat Mann Judgeth - Hard Drivin' 16

This list is in need of completing. It includes broken links.

The Start Of Lolcows Edit

After A Semi-Failed Attempt at making a gaming review, Mr. DSchlasser took a Break for a couple years. Then BAM, he comes out with The Cleveland Browns and it was a hit.

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