Who the fuck is this person?
This person probably written themselves into the wiki to advertise. Do you know who this person is? Then go to the discussion page, you moron.

Ahosier12, is... who is this guy?

ahosier12/The Ranter Kid
I am a gamer
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Kirby Crew ProductionsEdit

KCP is another attempt to jump on the bandwagon of websites trying to cater to video gamers. Luckily for the one guy running it, nobody knows about it or wants to join it.

Wiki EditsEdit

This article was created by Ahosier12 himself with an intent to advertise, which was poorly veiled and only served to attract unwanted attention. User:Kirbycrewproductions created the page, and any moron can figure out with a quick Youtube search that the account is run by none other than this guy. He posted a poorly formatted and a halfassed debut:

Ahosier12, who is also know as: The Ranter Kid or RTK is a Almost Moderately Reputable ranter that makes videos on things that have happened recently and not old subjects that occured a longtime ago, there will be game reviews soon but will not be reviewed by the character The Ranter Kid but review by Ahosier12 himself calling the series Shield X Game Reviews coming soon to his youtube channel.

"The Ranter Kid", as he likes to call himself, is none other than yet another 13-year old wanting to be popular on the internet. Who knows, maybe he'll be the next Alexander4488? If he's lucky, he'll be the next Chris-chan! Good luck to you, buddy!