The Webrings of OMGWTF?! are the IRC channel, the MSN web, the Worms web and the Skype web. All of whom are based on socialising in a similar manner to the forums.

IRC Edit

The IRC web is maintained by TidusLoire, who ensures the chat is running smoothly. The IRC is commonly used for an alternate method of chatting for organising things, and is very new.

MSN Edit

The MSN web is a web created automatically due to the high amount of members possessing MSN accounts. By default, this has formed a web of it's own over time, which may be replaced by the IRC in the future.

Worms Edit

The Worms web is maintained by Mr Montmorency, as a personal and recreational activity for the members and some staff. Many members are players and are organised into teams, who participate in games, which are recorded, ready for Youtube and possible alternatives. Urinatingtree is involved in a project with his involvement.

Skype Edit

The Skype web is a web created by default due to Worms and MSN's obsolescence with voice chatting. It is generally used for contact with Urinatingtree, chatting while playing in Worms matches, and secretive matters.