Sam was one of a short list of 'disliked' members of OMGWTF!? Forums back in 2008 and eventually DHI in late 2009/2010. He was well known for his long hystertical rants about nothing very important and didnt take a good first impression on most of the forum. He was considered the forum idiot, although in them days one of these were not so much frowned upon as they are today on some stricter websites as the forum was near enough dead and keeping up appearences was a must. Through much of his time in the forum,He'd spend his time making silly and sometimes comical replys to other forum members topics, But rarely laughs were herd. After the moving phase from OMGWTF to DHI Sam's attendance on the forum slowely dropped to a point he decided not to return as he grew up and sitting infront of a computer screen ovbiously wasen't doing the trick. nothing has been herd of him since then,

The Return Of SamEdit

After being banned for abusive and threatening language to other members of the OMGWTF community shortly before the Hansicaust, Sam was banned for a total of 3 weeks and wasen't to be herd of until his unban date which is unknown. He returned with a barrage of abuse and witty banter about such members. although he was not barred, he didnt share a resembelence with the other members and decided to leave.

The Second Coming Edit

Many people wonder what happend to the one they called Sam back many years ago. No contact or trace has been herd from him and questions are being asked, Is he alive? Where is he? and most importantly..Whats he doing right now? these are all good questions but ones the answers are unknown at this time. Many attempts have been made to remake contact for such purposes as one member "needing a quick giggle" and another "fancied a deep conversation". One member who's username was asked to remain unidentified claimed to make contact for a brief moment to clear up small matters.Legend says once upon a time once all is rebuilt and many eyes are glaring the return of the one they call Sam would arise from the beneath, but no dates or times are mentioned..