Even the logo sucks.

The Dead Horse Interchange is the website that runs this wiki, and is the fourth incarnation of the reign of Mr Montmorency's circle jerking team of virgins and unfunny nerds with no jobs. The previous incarnation was OMGWTF?!, though technically, it still exists, occupied by a hobo. The website harbours an intense jealousy for a totally cooler gentleman's club down the street that has a chocolate fountain and a swimming pool with cheap labor, whereas this website has a janitor with Alzheimer's and is funded by a thriving human trafficking operation.

It ultimately serves as the owner's vanity table, containing all of his written works that nobody reads under the ruse of a "good" partner video site.

Creation Edit

The Dead Horse Interchange was created to house the small portion of OMGWTF?! that still had no life and wanted to cash in on the whole partnership community thing that was going around at the time. Money wasn't the only reason, jealousy and the prospect of gamer women was a certain shot of heroin that helped it stagger the ultra virgins at the helm to a seat in a portion of the internet that nobody wanted to go to because it smelled faintly of semen and had a teenager wanking loudly to the sound of his own voice. Consequently, this haven for animal pornography and vanity was created to fill in the need for a girlfriend and necessitate the creation of more Chris-chans.

Today Edit

In internet terms, the website is currently squatting in a meat packing warehouse in Chinatown next to an elevated rail station that overhangs over a hobo-ridden alleyway filled with drug dealers and dead bodies. It produces a steady, irregular output of unreliable anti-depressants that usually do more harm than good. The warehouse has an irregular crack lab that produces it's drugs by extracting the tears from masturbating virgins. This has the side effect of warding off witches and has the adverse effect of attracting bears, even though the nearest forest is 60 miles away and separated by a river.

It has a swimming pool, but unfortunately there's no water in it and there appears to be a nest of possums growing within the water filtration system. Strangely, the condom machine in the break room is fully stocked, because the last person to restock it only had to turn up in 1987. Although the building is powered, it only runs into a room in the basement with a tartan sofa and a white computer with the Windows 95 operating system on it. Since money is sparse, this room uses a small blacklight bulb the size of a marble, which is enough to cause the computer's keyboard to light up enough for the rest of the room to be hit with a blinding blue light that disturbs the owls outside through the minuscule basement window. Other than files for the website, the computer seems to be catered to run porn non-stop in high performance. The disc drive is waterproof.

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