That Guy With the Glasses is a video website that is cram packed with videos and other good stuff, owned by Channel Awesome. It is pure heaven to our hell, and you should go there instead, because they have more to offer, and they're fun at the same time.

Mr Montmorency can never hang out at this palace of wisdom, because he's a bald, fat, virgin!


TGWTG contains around 45 partners, who all united to create a new uptopia.

Here are all of them.

  • Doug Walker
  • Lindsay Ellis
  • Joe Vargas
  • Stuart Ashen
  • "Fraser"
  • Krissy Diggs
  • Wesley Lock
  • Larry Bundy Jr
  • Justin Carmical Not since he committed suicide in 2014.
  • Lee Davidge
  • Dena Natali
  • Lindsey Briggs
  • Noah Antwiler
  • Bennett White
  • Chris Larios
  • Eric Power
  • Harry Partridge
  • Hope Chapman
  • Lewis Lovhaug
  • Kaylyn Dickison
  • Nick Landis
  • Lawrence Simpson
  • William DuFresne
  • Nikolas Freeman
  • Patrick Burden
  • Chad Rocco
  • Terroja Kincaid
  • Mathew Buck
  • Luke Mochrie
  • Mike Jeavons
  • Allison Pregler
  • Paul Schuler
  • Phelan Porteous
  • "ThatJewishGuy"
  • Brad Jones
  • Ed Glaser
  • Todd Nathanson
  • Gordon Smuder
  • Julien Diaz
  • Michael Schiciano
  • Mike Michaud
  • Billy Smith
  • Dan Rizzo
  • Handsome Tom
  • Quality control
The "Messiahs" of "Comedy"
The Dead Horse Interchange
Mr Montmorency · Ebeeto · Urinatingtree
That Guy With The Glasses
Too fucking many to list
The Angry Video Game Nerd · The Happy Video Game Nerd · ScrewAttackEurope
IrateGamer · Yahtzee · DarknessTheCurse · Hellsing920 · AxelStripe · LuizPrower · BigAl2k6 · SilentRob · Jedite1 · Wizwar100 · Goemon047 · Stanburdman · AkewsticRockR · TheGamingGoose
PlayItBogart · DSchlasser

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