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Survivor is the first ever moderator for OMGWTF?! forums. He was featured in the Deal Or No Deal review in the credits. He is commonly associated with Mr Montmorency and TidusLoire. Whenever there is conflict he often takes both sides into judgment, being the voice of reason.


Survivor discovered Ebeeto when looking for videos on Hitman: Blood Money. He found Ebeeto's "Angry Video Game Fag Walkthrough - Hitman Blood Money" on YouTube. He then became a subscriber and through an announcement segment, learned of the blog. He monitored the blog and found information about the opening OMGWTF?!, and decided to become a member.

Survivor in an attempt to be popular, double posted, quoted posts for no reason, among other things, claiming to be the first to do so. Those actions attracted the attention of KonkelBaer and Ebeeto, which caused him to be the first member to be warned. At this point, he behaved.

After months of good behaviour and loyalty, Ebeeto and KonkelBaer awarded him the rank of Super Moderator, of which he was the first. This co-incided with the arrival of the Fat Mann Forumeth community immigration. He remains in this position to this day, and asks of nothing more.

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