Solid Radio was a podcast series created by Ebeeto and headed by regular guests Urinatingtree, Mr Montmorency and "Owen". Early episodes were generally disorganised, unscripted comedy, with subjects created on the fly that went on to form the regular segments simply by chance. "Porn Corner" is an example of a segment created on the spot and carried on into later podcasts, which were then scripted entirely based on the impressions they made in the earlier podcasts. Currently, the series is under voluntary hiatus due to negative response.

Segments Edit

News Edit

Ebeeto and the guests find a random topic of news from any site they can think of and talk about it on the spot, unrehearsed. Since the episodes are recorded at least a day before airing, the topics can be recent in current events, surprising considering that the series is made by Ebeeto.

Porn Corner Edit

A segment created on the fly by Mr Montmorency that was originally meant to review the most recently seen porn by the participants in way of a single sentence. It has since developed into guessing the veracity of the porn heard by the participants, counting every time somebody says 'yes', and rating the masturbatory value of the audio on a scale.

Callers Edit

Early episodes feature "callers" from the start, such as "Owen" while later episodes feature "Greg" mid way into the podcast. This segment generally mocks those who are known by the regular participants while a chat is carried out to those that are not known.

Disorganised Mess Edit

The majority of the episodes are taken up by extensive improv based on Ebeeto's humor. Episode 3 can be argued to contain 90% of it out of the whole 1 hour podcast.


General opinions of the first 3 podcasts were negative. This mostly stemmed from the unscripted, long and uninteresting topics bought up. It is unknown how the next episodes will play out, but it has been said by the creators that it may undergo a "do-over", with the series starting from scratch as if the first few episodes never happened.

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