Sick0Fant is a game reviewer on Youtube. He has over 2,000 subscribers.

He reviews classic games on systems such as the Sega Master System and the NES. He has a JamesNintendoNerd style but comes up with more comical jokes.

He started off making videos of himself playing the piano, but did a review of the arcade game Street Fighter: The Movie, and began to review bad old video games in the series Gaming Disasters. This was in the style of the AVGN, despite often having less of a temper, and more of an attitude that he was being himself.

In December 2007, he started a series called SMS Diary, where he would record himself playing Sega Master System games and saying random shit. He was even more relaxed with these videos, and was closer to Howard C. Neal (AKA Kolibri) than AVGN, as stated by Sick0Fant himself. In January 2008, he started a series called CPC Diary, which was more or less the same thing, but with Amstrad CPC games instead.

In August 2008, he announced that the series Gaming Disasters was "officially over," and that he might make other videos "from time to time." However, he hasn't made a single, solitary video since then.