ScrewattackEurope is a division of Screwattack consisting of "Guru" Larry Bundy and Wesley "UK Wez" Lock. As the name suggest, ScrewattackEurope is supposed to be an european (or british, whichever way one looks at it) equivalent of the american Screwattack. The most well-known of their shows is arguably Guru Larry's Retro Corner, a show where Guru Larry tells the viewer about a really obscure or forgotten game (though it has also featured mainstream hits such as Super Mario 2 and Black and White), both in an informative and humourus way.

Another show of theirs is Games That Yanks Can't Wank, where in each episode Larry (and sometimes Wez) tells about a game not given a North American release, for example Jet Set Willy, Police Madness, Crazy Frog Racer and Rock Star ate my Hamster. The theme song of the show is a remix by Dustin Aβmuteit, who also made a popular remix of the AVGN theme.

Wez and Larry has made a lot of shows outside of Screwattack, most ofthen for The shows include Reviewmageddon, a more traditional review show where they review newly released games, Wez and Larry's Top Ten, a humorous, video game-related top ten list.