A ripoff is a common insult usually uttered by pre-teen nerds, unable to understand that the video game reviewing genre is universal, and that if their chosen messiah (E.G. AVGN, IrateGamer) is not the only Youtuber blessed with the privelage to release videos on the subject.

Please note: The adequate level of grammar and spelling featured in the example reasons do not neccisarily reflect the intelligence of whoever makes the accusation

Those Considered Ripoffs (Without good reason) Edit

Those Considered Ripoffs (Commonly with reason) Edit

  • IrateGamer -> AVGNreason: The IrateGamer has used concepts and points that the AVGN has already used; has deleted any negative coments on his channel, no matter how valid; released products early in his career; refuses to acknowledge the existence of the AVGN; reviews the same games in the same way

Constructive Critisicm Edit

Unfortunately, constructive critisicm generally does not receive as much attention flaming does, and is rarely used to the same degree, due to the majority of the video game reviewing community that flames being below the age of 13 and have an intelligence quotent equivelent to a wet flannel.

Those using constuctive critisicm usually possess the intelligence and maturity of an 18 year old, however it is possible for those under that age to possess this trait.