Quick-Time Events (QTE) are a method of torture that can be found in many video games. It allows the player to have limited influence during a cutscene. A general quick time event usually flashes on the screen in the form of the button needed to not die. Sometimes, the QTE is used to numb the thumbs into stubs, like in Saints Row 2.

Video games that has quick-time events Edit

God of War

Heavenly Sword

Prince of Persia

Resident Evil 4

Saint's Row 2


Soul Calibur 3

Spider Man 3

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Criticism Edit

QTEs have been critizised for being an unfair and cheap, as players aren't prepared for them, so they die, and have to do it over again. Yahtzee has fittingly dubbed them "PRESS X TO NOT DIE" in his videos. The critiscm of QTEs has spawned numerous memes, in such a way to influence developers not to use them.