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LiveVideo is a video sharing website much like Youtube. Many reviewers who are displeased with Youtube's policies usually use this site as an alternative. The website also has trouble being integrated into the wiki, as both 'Live' and 'Video' are blacklisted by the spam filter. This is to combat google bombing, even though google bombing doesn't work on wikis, however, this information is overlooked by the spammers, and remains a problem.

Spam Filter Conflict Edit

As LiveVideo contains the keywords 'Live' and 'Video', which are blocked, there is a simple workaround to avoid annoyances with legitimate links to reviewers videos being blocked from being saved. Adding simple "Shift +" and using any custom character (!"£$%&) and placing them in between any conflicting keywords will solve the problem, and it is only a minor inconvenience to remove the characters.

It should be noted that if anyone complains, they need two barrels to the face, because they don't understand how stupid they are for not realising the solution, or even trying to find it.