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Zack is sole admin of OMGWTF?! and is the last remaining person who still gives a shit about it. He has never contributed to it in all the time it existed except for it's launch. He is a "friend" of Ebeeto in real life and works at *******, the worlds largest ferry company. He was born on the 2nd February, 1988.

History Edit

Zack originally started the OMGWTF?! Forums, with Ebeeto as the first member. He 'worked on' the 2007 Xmas Advent Calender festivities, which was his last act.
In January 2008, he decided that he would "never visit the forums again, even if it grows like hell and becomes the new 4chan". When he returned in November 2009, he found a redirection message left behind by Daikun telling all users to go to Goldstein's Revenge. Zack responded in the most natural way he could. He demanded everyone fuck off. He is now the sole active member there, to this day. It probably doesn't mean anything, since everyone is gone. All that is known is that he has a metaphorical bus ticket (a domain name he bought for his forum) that he can use however he wishes. It probably was sold for Snus.

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