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Hellsing920', Emer' Prevost or He11sing920 is a Moderately Reputable video game reviewer. He has his own reviewing style, an informative review format designed to reccomend rather than be extremely funny. Generally, humor is derived by accident, usually by a suitable analogy. He has 2 sub-formats for his Youtube channel, 'Epic' rants, and the 'Fanboy Chronicles', which he updates regularly. His video game reviews are on Livevideo, to avoid unfounded copyright claims.

== In The Beginning...==

Hellsing920 began his reviewing career in early 2006 with a review of the NES game "The Fist of the North Star". Unlike future reviews, this video featured footage of Hellsing interspersed between gameplay footage. He would decide to abandon this style of reviewing quickly for an unscripted ranting style of reviewing.

After a few reviews, Hellsing picked up an unofficial mascot in Muttley. At the time, Hellsing wanted to close every game with a modified version of the game over screen with new text overlayed to show how bad the game was. When he got to "The Blues Brothers" (an SNES game), he couldn't find a decent screen to use for the ending, so he reused the screen from his previous review (which was for the NES "Wacky Races" game). The viewers reacted positively to Muttley and, thus, Muttley became the unofficial mascot of Hellsing920's "Godawful Games" series.

Over time, Hellsing decided to not only review bad games, but also spotlight underrated and unappreciated games. He named this new series "Buried Treasures" and started the series with a review of "Spelunker" for the NES. The reaction to this video was fairly negative because Hellsing's narration was very repetitive and dull. It was under the advisment of AkewsticRockR that Hellsing decided to move on to a scripted format in his reviews.

His first scripted review was a "Godawful Games" review of "Rap Jam Vol. 1" for the SNES. With this review, Hellsing also implemented some new things to his reviews, such as still images and Family Guy style cutaway jokes (usually using actual footage from movies, TV shows, or music videos).

== The "Epic" Interview & The "Epic" Suspension... ==

By this point, Hellsing920 had reached a milestone of 500 subscribers, and decided to add yet another series to his site. It was called "The 'Epic' Interview". In this series, Hellsing would answer questions sent in by the viewers covering a wide range of topics. This series would, unfortunately, lead to his downfall on YouTube.

In the fourth episode, Hellsing answered a question about the physical similarities between himself and Peter Griffin (the main character from Family Guy). He showed no images from Family Guy in the video, yet 20th Century Fox decided that the video violated a copyright, and Hellsing920's YouTube channel was suspended. There was noticable fan backlash to this. There were talks of boycotts (this author is unsure as to how far those talks went), and even a petition to bring Hellsing back to YouTube (which amassed around 300 signatures).

== A Fresh Start... ==

But, Hellsing wasn't willing to stay down. He had started an account with LiveVideo in the event that his account on YouTube was ever hacked or shut down. He began to repost his old reviews on LiveVideo, and decided to begin reviewing again. His first LiveVideo exclusive review was a "Godawful Games Double Feature" reviewing both of the "Swamp Thing" video games for the NES and Game Boy respectively. Slowly, Hellsing's viewers have found the LiveVideo channel and are watching his reviews again. To this day, he continues to post video game reviews over there, only now at a much slower pace.

== The YouTube Return... ==

Then, on April 21, 2008, a little over two years after he began reviewing games on YouTube, Hellsing returned under a new name (now going by He11sing920), and with a new purpose. Rather than bring his reviews back to YouTube, Hellsing decided to start a new career in ranting. Many of his old viewers came back to hear what he had to say. His first official rant was about the sport of NASCAR. Over time, he decided to name his series of rants "Hellsing920: The 'Epic' Rant", in honor of his Interview series.

In celebration of reaching 500 subscribers for the second time, Hellsing started a new series called "Hellsing920: The Fanboy Chronicles." In this series, Hellsing takes aim at those who obsess over things in pop culture. His first installment of this series was all about obsessive fans of the professional wrestling promotion Ring of Honor.

Recently, Hellsing did a collaborative rant with BigAl2K6 and DarknessTheCurse discussing the "Twilgiht" franchise. Originally a three part series, the first part was lost when BigAl's original channel was suspended.

Also recently, Hellsing did a miniseries called "The Console War", where he takes a look at the current generation of video game consoles.

== Wingerdinger Productions==

In early 2010, Hellsing (along with a handful of other current and former YouTube personalities) created a website called Wingerdinger Productions. There, Hellsing has worked on random videos and a new series called "The Longbox Chronicles", where he reviews comic books.

== The Future... ==

At this time, Hellsing has amassed over 5,000 subscribers and is going strong. No one really knows what rants or reviews are coming in the future from Hellsing. We will just have to wait and see.

== Games Reviewed ==


Godawful Games ===

Fist of the North Star (NES)

BeetleJuice (NES)

Wacky Races (NES) *first appearance of Muttley*

Blues Brothers (SNES)

Rocko's Modern Life: Spunky's Dangerous Day (SNES) *first video to have an intro*

Bigfoot (NES)

Musya (SNES)

Ren & Stimpy Special Part I

Ren & Stimpy Special Part II

Ren & Stimpy Special Part III

Tamagotchi (Game Boy)

Rap Jam Vol. 1 (SNES) *first scripted review* *first video with a cutaway joke*

Super Donkey Kong (NES)

Home Alone (NES)

Cheetahmen II (NES) *first Quickie review*

Captain Planet (NES)

Astyanax (NES)

Swamp Thing Double Feature (NES & Game Boy) *first Double Feature review*

Daze Before Christmas (SNES)

Power Punch II (NES)

Health Hero Double Feature (SNES)

Joshua & The Battle of Jericho (NES)

Heavy Nova (Genesis)

WCW SuperBrawl Wrestling (SNES)

Karate Champ (NES) *Quickie review*

Dennis The Menace (SNES)


Buried Treasures ===

Spelunker (NES) *last unscripted review*

Snow Brothers (Genesis)

Jackie Chan's Action Kung-Fu (NES)

Shatterhand (NES)

Kirby's Dream Course (SNES) *first appearance of the Kirby Dance Team*

Panic Restaurant (NES)

Metal Storm (NES) *first video to include "Viewer Discretion" warning*

Cool Spot (SNES)

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He's still a bald fat virgin, though

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