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goemon047 is a moderately reputable game reviewer on Youtube. He has a farcial and humoristic, yet, informational style.

History Edit

His game reviewing career started on the 21st of September 2007, with a video response to the AVGN's review of Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest. Prior to this video he have had some popularity with the video Toilet Pet, a spoof of japanese commercials. The reason why Goemon047 made the review was because he was angered by AVGN's negative review of the game. Although Goemon047 agreed that the game has some flaws and hadn't aged well, he still thought it was a good game. Even in his first review he displayed a fully developed style that's informational as well as funny.

His next review was that of the game Yoshi's Story, which at the time (October 2007) was about to be released on Virtual Console. In this review, he displayed some nice skills at After Effects.

In time for Valentine's Day, he released a video reviewing three games related to Valentine's Day; Kid Icarus, Legendary Wings and Chubby Chgrub.

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