On the 13th of October 2006, James Rolfe, AKA the Angry Video Game Nerd, released a review of the NES game Friday the 13th. The review differed a lot from his earlier reviews, and started a small trend of cinematic reviews. Soon after this review was uploaded, another horror movie themed game review followed, A Nightmare on Elm Street. It has now become an annual tradition for James Rolfe to make game reviews about a game (or several games) based on a horror movie or a popular horror movie character in time for Halloween.


(This section contains spoilers!)

Unlike most of AVGN's videos, this review actually has a plot. The Nerd is sitting on his couch playing the NES game Friday the 13th. He's giving the game lots of compliments, but it's obvious that he's lying. When he finally starts to bash the game, Jason Vorhees comes up from behind the couch and holds a big machete to The Nerd's throat, which makes The Nerd nervously say that he was just kidding, and that the game didn't suck.

He keeps on playing the game for a while, but as he can't stand it anymore, he tries to escape. Jason discovers him and force The Nerd to keep playing the game. The Nerd keeps lying about the game being good so that Jason won't start getting violent. At the game over screen, The Nerd find something he genuinely liked about the game ("You and your friends are dead") and said it would have to be even better in a sequel ("You're dead, your friends are dead, your family's dead, your fucking pets are being skinned alive, your mom's a fucking whore, you suck at life, the whole world hates you, you're going to hell, live with it. Game Over"). He then turns off the TV, but Jason force him to keep playing the game. As he keeps playing the game, he becomes more and more frustrated with the game, ignore the threath of Jason and starts bashing the game. The Nerd then proceeds to hit Jason with the NES controller and shoot him with the Zapper. This kills Jason, and The Nerd falls to sleep. Just before the video ends, the hand of Freddie Krueger crawls over the couch and ends the video in a cliffhanger.