June 17th 2010
The wiki has it's OMGWTF?! skin shedded, and one person returns to editing. Dead Horse Interchange is promoted heavily everywhere on the wiki.
August 6th 2009
Twitter-user "gerph" announced in a post that George Wood, narrator on the Gaming in the Clinton Years videos, is dead. This post was in response to a video uploaded to Navgtr's Youtube account called "Tribute to George Wood" (Video here.) Even though he died back in 2006, it wasn't announced until now.
August 5th 2009
Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw (AKA, Zero Punctuation) has released his 100th video! The occasion was celebrated by reviewing Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, unveiling the full, uncut version of the ZP theme for the first time, and announcing a contest to make the best game based on Zero Punctuation. We congratulate him, and hope he will make 100 more videos with razor-sharp wit and humour, imps and yellow. Video here.

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