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Erik 'Ebeeto' Bergerus is a video game reviewer and administrator of OMGWTF?!. He is also known as the Angry Video Game Fag, as coined by himself. His best known chracteristic is his inability to sustain a regular influx of videos. He is commonly flamed and threatened for this reason. He is currently the 2nd most popular reviewer on Youtube, that has been mentioned in this Wiki.[citation needed]

Ebeeto resides in Gothenburg, Sweden, and attends college, studying mathematics and natural science. He is often overwhelmed by a high workload of homework and coursework, further making him unable to find free time to continue his filmmaking. Previously, he was a substitute teacher. He has 1 known sister and is friends with KonkelBaer in real life, regularly making visits to consume alchohol and snus.

History Edit

Ebeeto uploaded his first video to his Youtube channel in November 2006, called Control Checking House Remix. It didn't gain too much attention, and Ebeeto himself probably uploaded it primarily for shits n' giggles.

In March of 2007, however, he uploaded 7 (count 'em: SEVEN!) videos to Youtube. The video which garnered the most attention, however, was a humouristic walkthrough of a mission in the game Hitman: Blood Money. He made two more Hitman videos in October 2007, but then decided to take a break from those videos that is still ongoing. Annoyingly enough, the walkthrough ended very abruptly in the middle of a mission.

Prior to his initial video output, the first Christmas of his video making career came rolling around on the timetable, however, he failed to output a video as he promised in his first blog post. The video was supposedly on the subject of his dissapearance which has lasted until this day. He released this information in January 2008. In an effort to please his fans for his failure, he released a podcast in February 2008, which was only avaliable to those who read his blog.[1] He preceded to ensure that his subscribers knew that he is still alive by continuing an output of blog posts, backing up his consitent failure to release videos as the fault of his video processor, which regularly failed to render intelligible videos, discouraging Ebeeto to bother going to the trouble. Eventually, he came upon a quad-core processor, which required his computer to be formatted. When he was able to make use of the newly improved computer, he was called upon to babysit his sick sister, furthur distracting him and causing him to fall ill at roughly the same time.


The Hansicaust Blog Illustration (By Ebeeto)

At this point, Ebeeto became concerned about OMGWTF?!'s condition, which at the time was overly lenient and filled with special status. He also made progress with his next video, concerning nazism, pot noodles and hentai. In March 2008, Ebeeto mysteriously disappeared, again, this time leaving behind a .jpg entitled 'The Note', detailing his job as a kindergarten kitchen worker ad how this would further remove him from his obligations. Ebeeto at this point became tired of the consistent flaming in regard of his videos, and refused to continue until people were patient. In an effort to annoy his ungrateful subscribers, he released his infamous 'The Internet is Fail' video, which was also taken down shortly after when it was given time to take effect on his 'fan'-base. All that remains of this event is his behind the scenes blog post, and the dead link to the video. [2][3]

The following April, the Hansicaust happened, which Ebeeto attempted to resolve by encouraging people to join in rebuilding the lost topics.[4] (See article) What followed this month included going to school, tidying his house and going to Swedish Idol with a friend who was auditioning.[5] In July 2008, he finally released what can be classed as a video, which attempted to calm everyone on Urinatingtree's dissapearance, which effective ended Urinatingtree forever. Urinatingtree himself also explained the situation, and promptly left Youtube. His leaving forum thread still remains for those who know the URL.

In August 2008, Ebeeto announced a competition, 'The Assassin's Creed Footage hunt' which co-incided with the audio video on his EbeetoBeta Channel.[6][7] It is so far still open to entries.

In December 2008, a short preview was posted on EbeetoBeta, hinting to a possible sesies of videos.[8][9] According to Mr Montmorency, 6 videos are in the making.

In March 2009, Ebeeto declared in his blog that he was working on 'something epic', also including a wallpaper with faux-tatty script on it.[10] He included a poll, asking his fans to rate the possibility that he would go through with the video - if any.

Ebeeto's Blog Edit

The blog is generally updated more often than his youtube channel, and details events in Ebeeto's life. Updates usally arrive once a month and announce events around OMGWTF?!

Ebeeto's Videos Edit

Videos Link
Control Checking House Remix 1
Angry Video Game Fag - Yogi Bear (SNES) 2
Quarter Assed Theatre - Out Of This World 3
Angry Video Game Fag - Might and Magic II (SNES) Part 1/2 4
Angry Video Game Fag - Might and Magic II (SNES) Part 2/2 5
Angry Video Game Fag Quickie - Examnining stuff (MOTOE) 6
Angry Video Game Fag Quickie - More sh*t from Orient Express 7
Angry Video Game Fag Walkthrough - Hitman Blood Money 8
Angry Video Game Fag - Sh*tload of F*ck 9
Uwe Boll Pronunciation Guide 10
Angry Video Game Fag Walkthrough - Hitman part II - TRAILER 11
Ebeeto's Hitman Walkthough part 2:1 12
Ebeeto's Hitman Walkthrough part 2:2 13
Prey - Extreme Horror (QAT Teaser) 14
Angry Video Game Fag - Deal Or No Deal (PC) part 1/2 15
Angry Video Game Fag - Deal Or No Deal (PC) part 2/2 16

Ebeeto Beta Edit

Ebeeto Beta is a mini-channel by Ebeeto, which he uses for less important videos, or as testing grounds for any videos he isn't sure about releasing on his main channel.

Videos Link
vidgame_master8 9 - Episode 1: Merchandise 1
Ebeeto Beta Logo 2
Ebeeto's Awesome Do It Yourself Guide - Part 1:Draw a Goat 3
Assassin's Creed Rant-thingy BETA 4
Help me with Assassin's Creed, Dudes! 5
Ebeeto reads some blog comments 6


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