Style: Wit, Sarcasm, Serious
Forum Profile

David is an active administrator to OMGWTF?! and began his work before Mr Montmorency arrived to help. He occasionally tried ways to promote OMGWTF?! by creating walkthoughs or guides. He usually is concentrating on scripting. It is unclear what. He has retired and returned 4 times.

History Edit

Since David did work 'behind the scenes', and because of the Hansicaust it is hard to pinpoint his history. He currently works on his own forum, where he waits until Ebeeto will make a video.

OMGWTF?! Staff Members
Admins KonkelBaer · Ebeeto · Urinatingtree · Mr Montmorency · David
Moderators Survivor · TidusLoire · Thunderpower · TheCanadianColin

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