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DarknessTheCurse is a video game reviewer who takes much inspiration from the style of UrinatingTree when he was angsty and without any solidarity. Mr Montmorency was one of his early subscribers who supported him under a old account, which he sincerely regrets. He is commonly accociated with RandomDCE, Hellsing920 and BigAl2k6 who he regularly chats with on Skype. He was a previous member of GamingPalooza and left when they shown signs of being extremely possessive and aggressive. He now uploads videos on a new account called TheSaneRevelation after closing his old account as an experiment to see how his fans would react to the matter, which just shows that this guy is a crazy bastard in real life as well as in his videos.

GamingPalooza Edit

In October 2007, Darknessthecurse was offered the opportunity to join a group of elite gaming reviewers, Gaming Palooza Empire. The creator of GamingPalooza, Aftershock, offered Darknessthecurse video editting software in order to help him out with his reviews. Darkness accepted the offer, joined GamingPalooza along side Aftershock and Wrestlevessel. While Aftershock and Wrestlevessel did their reviews on one computer, Darkness had his own computer to do reviews on and the privilage to upload reviews onto GamingPalooza with no restrictions. Two weeks into Darknessthecurse's relation with GamingPalooza, Aftershock's computer had broke and Wrestlevessel along with Aftershock could not do reviews. Wrestlevessel and Aftershock were schedule to release a few reviews, but were unable to do so, therefore Aftershock asked Darkness to take a few seconds to announce the technical difficultie's that the other two members of Gaming Palooza are facing. It was unknown when this issue would be fixed but Darkness refused to say anything about it and proceeded to be defiant. As a result, after relations ended with GamingPalooza, his fans began to attack GamingPalooza. After many trolling attacks, a war began between GamingPalooza and Darknessthecurse, which lasted over a year. As a result, both Darknessthecurse and GamingPalooza were hacked, meanwhile YouTube became flooded with videos ranting against GamingPalooza, posted by Darknessthecurse fanboys. Some of these videos still exist.

History Edit

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