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Joshua William Davis (DarknessTheCurse) (born 1989) is an angsty video game reviewer/ranter. He screams excessively, taking inspiration from the style of UrinatingTree. Possibly the biggest mistake he ever made was showing his face on camera. Fucking with his fans probably comes a close second.

Darkness circle jerks with a bunch of furries, including RandomDCE, Hellsing920 and BigAl2k6, who he regularly chats with on Skype. Mr Montmorency was one of his early subscribers who supported him under a old account, which he sincerely regrets. He was once a member of GamingPalooza, but has since left.

He now uploads videos on a new account called TheSaneRevelation after closing his old account as an experiment to see how his fans would react to the matter, which just shows that this guy is a crazy bastard in real life as well as in his videos.



Upon hearing of the closing of Darknessthecurse's account, a unanimous 'Bawwwwwwwwwww' echoed throughout the completely empty skulls of his followers. Even more drama was generated when someone started to spread the rumor that Darkness was horribly injured in a car accident. Specifically, he purportedly lost his legs after getting his pony tail caught in a car door that then sped off with him in tow. While the fans were off believing this hilarious lie [3], Darkness was setting up the first of his new accounts.

After closing his first account, Josh (Darknessthecurse) set up a new account "TheSaneRevelation"[4] a day later. Clearly, he couldn't deprive the internet of his immeasurable talent, totally pubescent voice, and divine knowledge for one attosecond more. While this account was in service, Josh primarily used it as an outlet to endlessly whine and complain about every issue, social injustice, or other topic he could think of. Eventually, Darkne- I mean TheSaneRevelation chose to close his account AGAIN.


OhMyGodMyFriendLived[5] is the most recent (and hopefully last) account that Darkness returned once more to pollute the internet with. This account essentially was a throwback to what the original Darknessthecurse account did; OhMyGodMyFriendLived was set up to make LPs and crappy video game reviews. It would seem that Darkness has retracted from discussing political and social matters and reverted on his leprous retard instincts once more. However, this new account does add one new element to the heinous darknessthecurse formula by adding a permanent co-reviewer to the videos, his friend Nick. However, once more succumbing to the inescapable cycle of account deletion and creation, OhMyGodMyFriendLived was closed following a feud between Josh and Nick in which Nick deleted everything in a fit of rage.


Shortly after Nick's temper tantrum subsided, Josh and he settled the conflict and returned to Youtube under the name LittleRidleyStares[6] in the hopes of forever circling the drain of bygone E-Fame.


In October 2007, Darknessthecurse was offered the opportunity to join a group of elite gaming reviewers, Gaming Palooza Empire. The creator of GamingPalooza, Aftershock, offered Darknessthecurse video editting software in order to help him out with his reviews. Darkness accepted the offer, joined GamingPalooza along side Aftershock and Wrestlevessel. While Aftershock and Wrestlevessel did their reviews on one computer, Darkness had his own computer to do reviews on and the privilage to upload reviews onto GamingPalooza with no restrictions. Two weeks into Darknessthecurse's relation with GamingPalooza, Aftershock's computer had broke and Wrestlevessel along with Aftershock could not do reviews. Wrestlevessel and Aftershock were schedule to release a few reviews, but were unable to do so, therefore Aftershock asked Darkness to take a few seconds to announce the technical difficultie's that the other two members of Gaming Palooza are facing. It was unknown when this issue would be fixed but Darkness refused to say anything about it and proceeded to be defiant. As a result, after relations ended with GamingPalooza, his fans began to attack GamingPalooza. After many trolling attacks, a war began between GamingPalooza and Darknessthecurse, which lasted over a year. As a result, both Darknessthecurse and GamingPalooza were hacked, meanwhile YouTube became flooded with videos ranting against GamingPalooza, posted by Darknessthecurse fanboys. Some of these videos still exist.

History Edit

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