Cave Story: Ashes To Ashes, (CS:ATA) is an action adventure game modified from the original classic it is based off of, Cave Story. The project is headed by Mr Montmorency and work is assisted by DarknessPhoenix, Survivor's brother.

The game is made up of 2 different versions of modified content, the earlier content with disorganised scripts and events, the second, a completely rehauled story and organisation to keep the scripts tidy.

Plot Edit


Although the game was modified heavily, the story is very similar.

V1.0 Edit

The story details a Mimiga named Katsu waking up in a dropship to receive his orders from what seems to be a Mimiga military. He is commanded to watch over a sector of the island the game is set in order to kill a monster called the Jaden. The story was originally planned to end in two different endings, depending on if the player found a science lab mid-game, however, this was deemed too complex, and this version of the plot was scrapped.

V2.0 Edit

Katsu awakens in a darkened room with memory loss, completely naked and cold, having escaped from a labratory after a horrible disaster which his memory couldn't record properly. He goes in search of where he is, and discovers that his arrival coincides with with the antagonist, the Jaden. He decides to side with the greater good, and he fights the Jaden, learning peices of his past each time, until his entire story is revealed...