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BigAl2k6 (now under the new YouTube account, BigAlTheRantMaster) is a ranter, actor and cook. He makes video game reviews occasionally, when he's not clogging his channel with solid otaku. His general video output is usually of anime, rants and of e-drama that may or may not be occurring. He regularly is in contact with RandomDCE, Hellsing920 and DarknessTheCurse over Skype. This is sometimes a subject of his videos, sometimes the same videos may be duplicated on their respective channels if they all have a part in it. On February 4th 2009, he was suspended for his Jesus Camp rant. Quite clearly this completely circumvents Fair Use entirely, as commentary and satire are permitted.

Trivia Edit

  • E-drama was caused when Goronchev posted a 40 minute long butthurt collection of arguments and subjects that were best left to be sent to BigAl2k6, and not to the internet, in an attempt at self gratification. This caused needless antagonism and made the bickering row into a shitstorm.
  • There was a strong disagreement between BigAl and Hellsing920 over Punch Out for the Nintendo Wii. Naturally, this led to BigAl stirring up drama by making a review where the objective seemed to be to shit on Hellsing920 and his style of reviews.
  • Years ago, he posted a long ass skype call that was split into numerous parts. The discussion? Spax3's seemingly endless wave of drama at the time. They have put this drama behind them and became friends, to the point to where one of BigAl's later non-youtube videos (which almost no one saw) started with relentlessly kissing up to Spax3.
  • A few of his videos were mocked by retsupurae (these videos were thankfully reuploaded, they are The Most Shameful Thing In The World, Let's Blog The Important Issues). BigAl wanted someone to make sprites of him for some kind of fighting game, and so he did the animations on camera. Not with sprites, but by himself, as in, he threw punches, he crouched, etc. - and did this on a background that wasn't easy to work with. It's not known if anyone even tried to make sprites of BigAl. On a stream held on his ustream account, he talked about the previously mentioned game - supposedly it was changed to be a beat 'em up featuring everyone's favorite game reviewers who weren't that popular on youtube anymore. The status of this game is unknown aside from the fact that it never saw the light of day. One fan on the stream chat pointed out that the game sounded like Batman Forever on the Sega Genesis, so we might have dodged a bullet here.
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