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Style: Wit, Wordplay, Serious
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AkewsticRockR, or Kyle is a Moderately Reputable video game reviewer and vlogger. He commonly includes jokes about the IrateGamer in his videos.

History Edit

AkewsticRockR or simply "Kyle Hendrickson" or "Kyle J. Hendrickson" was expelled from his mother's birth canal on Christmas Day in the year 1982 A.D. Since that time, he has developed a fervor for video game playing and subsequent reviewing; his strongest preference being to help the underappreciated, overlooked games of the past get the exposure and acknowledgment they truly deserve. While video games are still a big part of his life, Kyle attempts to keep his video content quite varied--having unrelated comedy skits, rants (about everything from MySpace to the horrors of Fanfiction), music videos and parodies on his page.

The inspiration to begin creating online videos came to him after viewing several of James Rolfe's Angry Nintendo Nerd videos. Realizing the entertainment value and laughter derived from exposing terrible old video games, Kyle immediately wanted to give James a "thank you" of sorts. Love it or hate it, this is where the idea for the one-shot parody of the "Christian Nintendo Nerd" came from, and where Kyle's love for the world of video production began.

Affiliation with The Dead Horse Interchange Edit

Kyle briefly had dealings with the creators of The Dead Horse Interchange with the intent of partnership, however, he and fellow 'recruit' TheGamingGoose had a private discussion about the nature of the site even though a meeting was scheduled to address these kinds of issues. He ultimately decided that he didn't like the self depreciation, 'vulgar humor' and the 'TGWTG bashing', presumably while being held hostage by them with a shotgun to his testicles.

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